Exploring the Intersection of Food, Culture and Identity
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About The Hyphenated Chef

“Do you know anything about hummus?”

It was my editor from the Associated Press. Did I know anything about hummus? I knew that my grandmother, whose parents hailed from Aleppo, was grateful for the American invention of canned chickpeas. I knew that even though she always served it with kobiz (Syrian bread) my third-generation palate preferred it on the end of a carrot.

And that somehow “hummus” had made it into the lexicon of American food editors.

Welcome to the Global Melting Pot.

Where everything is up for grabs: the foods we call our own, the ways we eat them, the variations we create within our generations and environments. The Hyphenated Chef is a place to explore this mixing and matching, of foods and the people who make them, and to discover how food telegraphs who we are over land, sea and time.

Thanks for joining me here. I hope you’ll come often to explore the intersection of food, culture and identity.

– Michele Kayal

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